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Useful items for carry-on baggage

Mädchen mit Gepäck
  • All travel documents.
  • A seat on the seat:
    For children up to the age of seven, or children under 18 kilos, we recommend taking a child restraint system with you. More information and a list of the permitted models can be found here.
  • Stroller or pushchair (these can be used right up until you board a Lufthansa flight in almost all airports).
  • Comfortable (changes of) clothing, warm socks, small blankets and cushions.
  • Wet wipes, diapers, small garbage bag.
  • Any important medications as well as nose drops to prevent problems with pressure equalization if necessary.
  • Chewing and swallowing using, for example, pacifiers, drinks bottles, or gummy bears also help to equalize pressure.
  • Baby food is available on board all Lufthansa flights, and children’s menus are offered. Also think about handy favorite snacks for your kids that can easily be divided into portions.
  • To counter boredom: cuddly animal, toys, crayons, and books.
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