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An uplifting experience

Girl and Flight attendant

Good care for a carefree flight – When children surpass themselves

Flight attendants hear many stories. These can be wonderful and amusing, but sometimes they can also be difficult. And then there are those experiences that bring a smile to the face.

One purser from Munich, the most senior flight attendant on her flight, just had to share this story:

“A few days ago when passengers were boarding the aircraft, I was greeting them at the door as usual. Right at the end, there was a family with a child who was about 8 years old and crying his heart out. I knelt down and asked him what was wrong. He sobbed: “My parents say I have to fly even though I’m really scared! Flying is dangerous!”

I took the boy gently by the hand and led him to the cockpit. The captain showed him all the instruments and explained a few important functions to him. When the boy and I left the cockpit, he beamed at me: “I’m not scared of flying anymore. I’m having an outburst of bravery now!”

It’s these experiences that give the Lufthansa staff and young and old passengers alike a lift. Because good care makes for a good service – for the whole family!

But it’s not just the cabin crew on board your aircraft that help to make your flight as pleasant as possible. If you’re interested in the many exciting areas of responsibility and career possibilities at Lufthansa Group, find out more here.

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