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Children’s cinema and a cuddly blanket

Children’s cinema

Whether with or without popcorn, if your kids are bored of playing games or reading, get them to put their children’s headphones on and then it’s curtains up for the cinema above the clouds:

  • Does your child like a particular series, love kicking back with a specific radio play, or are they fascinated by a special children’s app? Then put it on your tablet or smartphone ahead of your trip!
  • Your kids can also look forward to an amazing children’s program on the Lufthansa Inflight Entertainment for kids.

World explorers under a cuddly blanket

Make sure you and your kids wear comfortable clothing:

  • Light, comfortable trousers, cozy shirts, and pullover (the layered look is ideal) will immediately make you feel more comfortable.
  • A small (inflatable) cushion, snuggly blanket, and versatile large scarf (for covering up, making caves, and so on) will turn the seat into a travel bed.
  • Favorite cuddly toys and dolls are very welcome guests on board and will even be given an extra boarding pass at the Lufthansa Family Check-In in Frankfurt and Munich!
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