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Kids-Area Cornelia Poletto is cooking with kids

Little food testers for big flavors

This morning, little Luka got up extra early for a special reason, but on the train to Frankfurt, the 7-year-old can barely sit still next to his mother because he’s about to take part on a very special judging panel. Together with ten other children aged between 5 and 12, Luka will decide which children’s menus will be available on board all Lufthansa long-haul and various European flights from 2017. This means that Luka and the other kids are really important today and can fill themselves up with the exquisite dishes created especially for them – if that isn’t exciting, we don’t know what is!

In line with the slogan “With the family, with pleasure,” Lufthansa works with a new top chef every three years to spoil its young passengers. This year marks the sixth time the detailed selection process for the new menus has taken place, and is once again a complete success – primarily thanks to this year’s star chef Cornelia Poletto.

Little food testers and Cornelia Poletto

Cornelia Poletto has a lot of fun when cooking with the kids

The TV chef has been involved in cooking with children for many years. As a patron of a Hamburg children’s hospital, she regularly cooks for little patients, and for the Lawaetz Foundation Cornelia Poletta has taken on the patronage of the Lurup schoolchildren’s cookbook project “Yes we can … cook!”. She is also currently visiting elementary and high schools with the Hamburg Abendblatt newspaper for the big “school canteen test” and slurps her way through soup as a jury member for the “Billebogen soup festival.”

Cornelia Poletto was, of course, immediately enthusiastic about the idea of creating children’s menus for Lufthansa, and has thrown herself wholeheartedly into the task. She and her team have spent months developing child-appropriate, airplane-friendly meals that are not only healthy, but also as entertaining as possible for children. But even a professional like Poletto needs help with such a big task. And who could be better experts in the very special tastes of this young target group than a children’s jury?!

Pasta with tomatos

It is exactly this job that Luka and the other children, who were chosen after taking part in a big online competition, are taking on. They have an incredibly exciting day ahead of them with lots of feasting, looking at big kitchens, and even a short cookery lesson with Cornelia Poletto – the bar has been set high!

But the main task of the young gourmets is, of course, to expertly test and evaluate the 65 different dishes, which are divided into starters, main courses, and, of course, desserts. From the “Turtle muffin” and “Lu’s favorite lasagna” to the “Sausage mummies,” there are lots of fun and tasty things for the little foodies to sample. They enjoy lots of things immensely, but not all the dishes are liked by the jury members. And so they quickly decide which dishes will become the new children’s menus for Lufthansa. These will be served to young passengers from February 2017 alongside a few games, puzzles, and Cornelia Poletto’s favorite chocolate pudding recipe – and, of course, on a colorful tray mat depicting the Lufthansa mascots Lu and Cosmo. In this way, Cornelia Poletto’s creations will guarantee that kids can enjoy a delicious and entertaining flight.

And so Luka’s job is done! Very proud and with a satisfied, bulging tummy, he can go home again. Full of anticipation for his next flight because he now knows just how tasty it will be!

Cornelia Poletto is cooking with the kids

Booking the special children’s menus

The children’s meals can be booked on all Lufthansa long-haul flights and various European flights at no extra cost when booking a flight.

You can also book the tasty children’s meals at a later date, up to 24 hours before departure. Staff at the Lufthansa Service Center will, of course, be happy to help.

little boy looks at food in his hand

Baby food

Meals for babies and small children – such as little drinks, Viennese cocktail sausages, and soups – are available on board Lufthansa as long as stocks last. Simply bring your child’s favorite cup or bottle on board and we’ll be happy to warm it up for you.


Special meals

If you’d like to order a special meal for your child for dietary, religious, or nutritional reasons, we have a whole range of special meals available for you to choose from.

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