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Picnic above the clouds

pasta with tomatos

Traveling makes people hungry – particularly children! Take advantage not only of the offer on board, which at Lufthansa comprises tasty and varied children’s menus (please preorder!), but also think about taking some favorite snacks for easy access in between mealtimes:

  • Small snacks that you can divide up into portions and pack in plastic containers and zip bags. As chewing and swallowing are helpful for equalizing pressure in the ears, choose food that aids this.
  • Suitable travel treats: small pieces of carrot, apple, and peppers; sweet morsels such as gummy bears, mini chocolates, and dried fruit, or alternatively small salted pretzels, rice cakes, or almonds
  • By the way: Your baby’s favorite food and bottle can, of course, be taken on board! Read more here.
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