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Kids-Area Familie am Flughafen

Relaxed on vacation with the whole family

“Whew, Mom, we’re finally at the airport!”

shouts Felix excitedly. “Can you believe we’ll be seeing a plane take off? Maybe we’ll even meet the pilot?” The five-year-old hardly knows what to look at first. He runs a few meters through the entrance hall of Frankfurt Airport.

“Come back right now, Felix. We need to get rid of the suitcases first.”

Oh dear, that tone! And at that moment, Felix’s little sister Marie begins to scream in Mom’s arms because her teddy has fallen onto the floor.

Felix knows that he needs to be very good now. But he’d love to explore the airport!
Traveling with small children can really test the nerves of parents. To make sure the start of a vacation is as relaxed as possible, Lufthansa provides various offers and assistance in line with the motto “To us, your little ones are the greatest.” This makes checking in and spending time with kids at the airport easier and also turns it into a true experience for young passengers!

You can, of course, check in online from home with the family 23 hours before departure and either drop off your suitcases the night before or do it on the day of departure. In Frankfurt, Munich, and Hamburg there are automatic luggage machines available that are easy to operate – it doesn’t get quicker than this! An even more exciting experience for families with children of up to 12 years of age is the family check-in areas in Frankfurt and Munich.

“Look over there, Mommy! Wow, what’s that?” Felix points excitedly to a colorful check-in desk with a small archway. The Lufthansa children’s mascots Lu and Cosmo are waving at him on the monitors behind. He knows who they are, of course!

“That’s brilliant – a check-in desk just for families! And the queue isn’t very long,” says Mom happily, pushing the cart with the suitcases through the archway.

There is a staircase for smaller children so they can also reach the counter. And when it’s their turn shortly after, little Marie is really pleased that her teddy gets its own boarding pass.

In the family check-in area, you’ll also get the “Familienlotsen,” a brochure with lots of tips and vouchers for families. Inside, you’ll find information about where the children’s play areas, changing areas, or restaurants with kid’s menus are, for example. Pharmacies, supermarkets, and the airport’s viewing terrace, which is always very exciting for children, are also marked.

“Crazy, do you see the huge airplane, Mommy?! And a huge one landing behind it! It’s even cooler here than in the play area,” shouts Felix excitedly on the viewing terrace.

Mom is pushing the pushchair with Marie in it, which she has been able to hire for use at the airport. Admittedly, she’s doing it far too slowly for Felix’s liking, but at least she’s smiling again now. What a brilliant, exciting day!

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