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family portal A340 - 600 at take off
Airbus 340-600

With a length of 75.3 m, the A340-600 is the second longest passenger plane in the world.
It has been in service since December 2003 for Lufthansa and is equipped with particularly
quiet and powerful Trent 500 engines by Rolls Royce. This can be noticed both inside and 
outside the plane because thanks to the most modern jet technology and the improved aerodynamics of the wings the A340-600 minimises the 85-dBA noise footprint to just 3.5 square kilometres. The Boeing 747-200 had a noise footprint of 14.5 square kilometres.
The “long one” can also give its rivals a run for their money with a maximum range of 12,200 kilometres. The plane can accommodate 306 passengers.

  • List of technical facts
  • length 75,3 meter
  • planeheight 17,3 meter
  • wingspan 63,5 meter
  • cabin main 5,3m
  • seats first / business / economy 8 / 60 / 238
  • speed 890 km/h
  • flightlevel 12.200 meter
  • range 12.500 kilometer
  • takeoffweight 368 metric tons
  • landingweight 259 metric tons
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