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Flying is always an amazing experience! Just like a real pilot in the cockpit, your JetFriends logbook will tell you all the important details about your flights. Note down all the important details such as departure airport, flight duration and the speed of the plane in your personal logbook.
Colourful stickers help you remember which different planes you have flown with. A crew member will sign each flight entry for you.

But that is not all! You will also find lots of great information all about flying and JetFriends. What do pilots do? What is a jet engine? Why do planes fly? Find the answers to these and other questions in your logbook with flight fact file. Lu and Cosmo can’t wait to guide you through the book.

By the way: You can get your logbook on board from our crew. Just ask a crew member on your next Lufthansa flight, they’ll be happy to give you one. You can download your very own Junior Pilot certificate, signed by the Head Pilot here.


Have fun collecting your flights!


Download Pilot certificate
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